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"Get on with it" or "Get off of it"

	>From: "Schrade, Scott" 
	>Subject: Re: "Get on with it" or "Get off of it" 

	For some reason this didn't come through on digest (unless I missed
it while out, but I was checking).  Just found this while looking in the
recently posted archives for December.........
>> Pete's got to be kicking himself for waiting this long.
>> Now, opportunity lost.
>I never thought of that.  Pete going over all the "what ifs."
>After all, making a new album was his call all along, wasn't it?  
>Pete had/has the power.

Exactly.  And, if he *hasn't* been thinking about the "what ifs", I'd bet
Roger slides it in to the conversation from time to time.  You *know*
Roger's been thinking about it.

>But Pete's so stubborn sometimes.  He may have the ability not to 
>distract himself with games of second-guessing.

Yeah, Pete's good with the mind control thing.  But with John's passing, it
almost begs to be asked (what if, or why'd I wait this long......?).

>It would've been sooooo much better if The OX were still here. *I'd*
>be excited.  *You'd* be excited.  Maybe even Mark.

6/27/02 (that's the date, right?)...the day the music *really* died.

>Maybe, but Roger is, if anything, a realist.  I really can't see him 
>crying over the spilled milk, either.

Yeah, but I wouldn't call this "spilled milk" by any measure of the phrase.
This is his life.  His love.  His career.  Who he is.
I thought I sensed a bit of anger creeping out in his last interview when he
mentioned that he didn't want to say anything about a new album; that it was
all up to Pete; and that Pete has been contradicting himself, etc..  

>I bet he's looking forward.

Again, yeah, but he's been looking forward for soooooooooooooo long.  
He's human.  He's feeling the loss of not just John, but of the opportunity
that he has been looking forward to.

>To the future.

I think now they're all just coming to grips with the recent past (John's
But, as you say, Roger is a survivor and doer.  He's looking forward as a
way to deal with the death of John.  And, because he's the little engine
that could.
He'll never give up.  It's not in his vocabulary.  You could almost feel his
pain and depression when he talked about it all being up to Pete.  His
(Roger's) optimism was showing the strain.  
>I just wish he'd get to work on that Keith Moon movie

YES!  That seems to have lost it's steam.
I was staring at the photo's of Pete's "Cool Walkings" greatest hits album
the other evening.
That one photo of him leaning, with a black jacket on, looking a bit sweaty,
is the spitting image of Nicholas Cage who at one point was quite keen on
playing Pete.
I think of the Moon movie ever time I see him or Mike Meyers.
Mike *really* does look like Keith.  He would be awesome as Keith as long as
the part wasn't "spoofed".  In other words, it needs to be played seriously.
I'm sure Roger will see to that.

>rather than getting mired in the delusions of a new album.

Careful Scott, Pete's reading these days.   ;-)
It does seem delusional at this point though (Sorry Pete, but damn!  Now????
Why now???? Damn!  Still love ya though.  Call me. ;).
So many negatives to overcome that didn't exist just 6 months ago.
I think I now have a better understanding of those that reacted to John's
death with anger toward Pete.

>He & Pete
>may prove me wrong, though.  They have before. 

It will be good to hear new music.
Just hope the grand public repercussions aren't....grand....or too damaging.

>Lots of "big sighs" in 2002, weren't there?

Things went nuts on 9/11/01.

Kevin in VT