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Re: S.F.Sorrow,KM,Drummers,Who Girls \

Brian wrote:
>I've always had the fantasy of going back in time to the final Who show
>1978) and yelling up to Keith to throw away the Heminevrin tablets.  But,
if I
>did that, Keith would have immediately run offstage, returned with the
>and swallowed the contents just to show me.  Some people can't be saved and
>Keith is probably the prime example of that kind of person.
> -Brian in Atlanta

I used to think like that all the time. I used to dream of going back and
telling him that people loved him and that it was the most important mistake
of his life. Still, he would have just done it anyway. That's Keith! I hope
he knew how important his life was to millions of people, because that must
be a comforting thought.....