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Jim Blair wrote about Naked Eye being about the best Who song of all time.
While I think it is certainly "up there" somewhere near the best and it is
very,very,good live,I'm not quite sure that it may be the absolute best.
You have to remember that it was probably written and recorded in those
"heady" days of the Lifehouse sessions which some say were the best work
The Who ever created,and during that period,many,many,songs were recorded
with The band in their best form and at the probable peak of their career.
Unfortunately for us,and for Pete,Lifehouse never made it as a completed
project,but as we all know,the music from those sessions is brilliant
and is of a class above any other.Many songs were discarded and hence "Who's
Next' appeared as the finished work. I said earlier,that I'm amazed that
Pure and Easy was not released as a single as I felt it may have gone to
the top and given Pete the N0 1 that He's never had in Britain or the US.
I feel that this song is probably better than Naked Eye and should have
been longer in time ala WGFA which would have given it that killer image.
Now, Faith in something bigger, although a bit weak,was still very well
recorded and could almost pass as a song on say one of the later Who albums
without Moon,but those times were almost spiritual,and I guess this was 
an attempt by Pete to be so,eg Meher Baba,God,Guru's in general etc...In fact
I think Now I'm a Farmer is probably worse if not a bit silly and shows Pete
in a crazy / zany kind of mood. However,despite all that's been said and done
Odds and Sod's remains a great album and my vote for the best Who song is
actually a double in a sort of way, The Real Me/Quadrophenia from si loud!)
 Regards, Derick. 

Derick Bhupsingh