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John's journal week 2

Well, here I am again.  Steve is locked up in the dog kennel and I'm
back writing the last journal.  The days have flown by like weeks and
we have 3 (almost) finished songs under our belt.  Unfortunately
that's not all we have under our belts and the DIETS start tomorrow.

Godfrey and Alan are downstairs in the lounge watching Goodfellas on
the video.  I guess they're trying to get acclimated to NY before they
go home tomorrow.

The dogs will be sad to see them go- 3 less plates for the to steal
food from.  I've been doing some calculations and it seems in 13 days
we have used up 120 toilet rolls.  That seems an awful lot, 3 each per
day!  Maybe I should have put some towels in their rooms too!

They'll be off back to NY in the morning.  I guess I'll say goodbye
tonight, I'm not very good at mornings.  It's not that I'm lazy it's
just that I'm allergic to them.  Bobby always called me the Prince of
Darkness affectionately of course.  At one point while he was
recording The Cast at my studio here he had them convinced that I was
a vampire.  They had asked him why they never was me until it was
dark!  So-I guess that's it.  I've enjoyed reading Steve's and writing
these journals.  I wish it was as easy to write my damn book.  I guess
I'll see some of you soon on the Quadraderilict tour.

Thanks for your feedback and letters, I'll try to write again from the
road.  Until then, I remain.

John Entwistle