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John's journal week 1

Hi.  Surprise surprise, this is John!  Steve has finally left his
computer alone for ten minutes so I've sneaked in and taken it over.
I haven't been able to get a journal in edgewise with Steve in a week.

First - Now I have Ken Jones, his wife Marie, his 2 kids, Steve, Alan
and Godfrey living in my house.  I've finally realized something, the
reason I bought this bloody great house is that it has 13 toilets!  I
feel like I'm on my paper round again delivering toilet rolls to all
my customers.

As Steve has been reporting so far the recording has been going really
well.  Apart from a little trouble with my bass sound ( normal day )
everything has gone remarkably smoothly.  I'm really glad I built a
bar next to my studio instead of a chapel!  We always seem to finish
the day propping up the bar with our bellies telling each other how
"great we were today."  I've lost count of the number of studio
engineers that I've asked the morning after "who was that fuckin'
drunk singing vocals on my song?"

We have 3 great backing track so far and now we are taking a lyrics
break.  Pridden tells me that I have to present him with 2 sets of
lyrics in the morning.  I asked him " Does it matter which morning?"
It's all right for him he has just gone back to his cottage to watch a
couple of black & white videos.  Bobby has always had this strange
preference for old B&W films.  I think the last movie in color he
watched was The Wizard Of Oz and then he only watched the beginning
and the end.  So I'm here slaving on song words and he's at home
watching The Great Stagecoach Robbery for the 20th time.
 Still he works hard------at standing up.

Before I go I'd like to thank everyone that has been following this
journal.  Steve will be back at the computer tomorrow after I let him
out of the dog kennel.  There have already been a lot of complaining
noises-----from the dogs.

Lets do lunch,

I plan on locking Steve up again soon so you'll hear from me and
I'll hear from the dogs.