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Re: Re[2]: Good news from England!

Lev, re:

>Well, considering there is no live version of WGFA available with Keith 
>drumming available officially, except for TKAA and that's already Keith 
>quite a bit past his prime, and the one I've heard that's unofficial 
>is quite uninspiring (from Largo '73), I couldn't see how a live 
>collection would exclude it.  Same goes for all the Who's Next and Quad 
>stuff.  Also, why wasn't Road Runner put on the TKAA sdtk CD, while a 
>couple of studio versions of songs made it?
I'm pretty happy with "The Kids Are Alright" version, although the tape of
the Kansas City, '75/'76 was better. As for the "cut" tracks on the same CD,
they didn't fit and they wanted to keep the album to one CD. That's show

HMV - Her Majesty's Voice

BTW, have you been able to decode the file?