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Re[4]: Good news from England!

On Thu, 14 Dec 1995, Mark Leaman wrote:
> 10) The Real Me
Tommy gets it's own full CD & Quad only gets one song?  I'd at the VERY 
least include Bell Boy to hear Keith wail, though I'd say if Tommy gets a 
CD why shouldn't Quad (I'm sure they could piece together enough songs 
where the backing tapes worked right from all the tapes they have), and I 
don't even consider myself a huge fan of Quad, either. 
> 12) It's Hard
I'd like to see Cry If You Want, though It's Hard would be a pretty close 
second from that album.
Shane Matheson     MechEng/CompSci UWO
    "I'm not flying, I'm falling with style." -- Buzz Lightyear
          I am not at all thrilled with the list presented by Mark. If 
          the IOW CD does come out, doesn't it include a full TOMMY? 
          If so, then we don't need another TOMMY inclusion on the 
          live retrospective. To be frank, a 2 CD will no doubt be 
          viewed by me and many others as woefully inadequate. If 
          that's the plan, I'll keep searching for good boots. I think 
          a 5 CD set is the only way to go and do the Who any justice.
          BTW, TOY STORY is a super movie, for both kids and adults.