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Re: God Bless Ye, Kenney Jones!

At 12:59 AM 12/3/95 -0500, you wrote:
>   I suppose I should make this clear: I don't blame the Who's deterioration
>in the 80's on Kenny Jones.  Indeed, I agree with you entirely- it falls much
>more on Pete's shoulders.  In the '82 Toronto video, it's not so much Kenny's
>(in my opinion, I suppose) lousy playing that makes me cringe, as Pete's very
>evident indifference, or even disgust, with the whole affair.  The moment 
>when Pete rolls his eyes at the audience for singing along with the chorus of
>"Baba O' Riley" is just sickening.  But facts are facts- I don't think the Who
>could have picked a worse replacement for Keith.  And I honestly don't think 
>Kenny Jones is a very good drummer to begin with.  So I would modify your 
>statement as follows: Roger and John are kicking ass, Pete looks likes he 
>wishes he were already critiquing books for Faber & Faber, and Kenny is doing
>his usual weak-ass thing.  

Sure. I'd still like to move beyond the criticism and hear who would have 
been better or could have even helped them be better with all of the other
factors which as you say, we agree on.

For me, I'd say I am not sure I agree, because you haven't second guessed them
with anything to compare to yet; who should they have chosen? 

Look at it this way. You're a drummer. It's 1970. You are in the
Faces and the band is taking off .  The singer is singing like
crazy. The guitar player can't help himself and plays with what is obvious
You look around yourself at all the really excited musicians, and you just
can't help but play great drums. 

Now you look around at one of the Gods of your world. You see him rolling
his eyes.
How well would you play drums?

Maybe you've been told by the bass player not to play so much; at last he
can be heard; remember, JAE complained (and still does) constantly that the
bass mix can never be heard or that he was never given enough attention. How
do we know that in an office some where KJ was told not to play too

See what I mean? Condeming the guy without the information is difficult. I
think he sounded lousy with the Who. But having seen him in 1974 and in 1982
and seen the world of difference, I can't agree that they picked a bad
drummer. Nor will I agree that any drummer could have pulled them out of the
state they were in.

Not to mention the Small Faces recordings.