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Re: Word from England, re: Isle Of Wight (and more)

What I'll be pushing for (and please speak up if you disagree), is a separate 
CD called, "Tommy: Live At Leeds". With all the good live material that can be 
on a CD, do we REALLY want most of it to be "Tommy" and the remainder a "mixed 
bag"??? I'd rather have both, than lose the opportunity of many great live 
songs being never released... 

So, please put on your thinking caps. WE CAN make a difference as a direct 
quote from a key person on the "inside". Let's do so, OK?

Personally, I prefer separate Tommy/everything else discs.  I'm also not at all 
opposed to live discs with more than one show represented.  I think it's 
perfectly fine to get the best songs from different shows, that's if someone in 
charge wants to wade through that much tape!  Alternatively, they could give the
WhoList a list of the songs they want on the discs, and WE could figger out 
which show's version was best.

Here's a thought, re: WBN.  How about leaving it as is (no bonus cuts) then 
selling it for less $?  (ok, so I'm cheap...  I just had a kid, y'know...  :)

Regardless of what happens with that, I cannot agree more with Christian when he
said that the more Moon, the better.  I don't think any live stuff after '78 
should be included.