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Re: PT

On Thu, 15 Dec 1994 solonely@cats.ucsc.edu wrote:

>   Has anyone out there tried writing Trousers himself?  I have his address, somewhere, and I'm positive it's his place on the Thames.  Does he take time to 
> respond to your letter, or does he just send out some goofy 8 x 10 with a 
> signature on it?
A friend of a friend of mine wrote to him several years ago, mentioning 
how much he liked Who's Last (!) which had recently been released.  He 
got a form letter back with handwriting at the bottom reading "Glad you 
liked Who's Last; I didn't."

I've read that Pete used to respond in great detail to his fans' 
letters.  He probably cut back during the '70s, but now that he has a 
lower profile, he probably would reply to an intelligent question.  Don't 
ask "Do you still hope to die before you get old?" :)