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Re: writing to PDBT

This was a question discussed around the time I joined the list, last spring.  I 
remember there were varied responses, but this is what has worked for me:

           Pete Townshend
           The Boat House
           Ranelagh Drive
           Twickenham TW1 1QZ

BTW -- yes, this location really does exist, and yes it is on a lovely stretch 
of the Thames (not far from Kew Gardens, if I remember correctly -- Brit list 
members -- please correct!), for you doubters out there!  Jake, myself and I'm 
sure countless others of y'all can verify it with photos/autographs/other 
various & sundry treasured items!

I guess my only question, writing him today, would be:  is he spending more 
time in New York right now (what with "Tommy")?  In any case, I am certain your 
note would reach him.   

And, yes, my experience has been that he *does* write you back, provided you 
ask a reasonably intelligent question (I'll leave that up to you!) and not a 
rhetoric one (e.g. "Hey, how 'bout the Who?  Do you wish Moonie was still 
around?!", etc. etc.).  I've never received any glossy 8 x 10s (Thank God, 
IMHO!).  Just a simple reply, on his stationery, and signed by him.  
Subject: PT
From:    solonely@cats.ucsc.edu at SMTPOUT
 Sun Dec  7 12:19:24 PST 1997
Date:    15.12.94  2:39 PM

  Has anyone out there tried writing Trousers himself?  I have his address, 
here, and I'm positive it's his place on the Thames.  Does he take time to 
respond to your letter, or does he just send out some goofy 8 x 10 with a 
signature on it?