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Latest News on Live at Leeds

According to ICE:
--An expanded version of Live at Leeds will be released on February 14, 1995.
 It contains 14 tracks and has a running time of 76 minutes.
--Newly added tracks are:Amazing Journey, I Can't Explain, Heaven and Hell,
Fortunte Teller, Tattoo, Happy Jack, I'm a Boy, and A Quick One While He's
Away  In addition, Shakin All Over has been expanded to include an additional
minute of music (and is now called Shakin All Over/Spoonful), while Magic Bus
is two and a half minutes longer.
--There's going to be a limited edition CD that will come in a 12x12 album
sleeve and will have all the original Live at Leeds packaging.
--A double CD release incorporating more Tommy material was once under
consideration, but was rejected in favor of a single disc.  (Morons!!!!!)
--Future releases will include a completely remixed A Quick One, a remixed
Quadrophenia, and a single disc hits album with stereo versions of My
Generation and The Kids are Alright.

Well, as much as I'd prefer to have the complete Leeds show  on a 2 CD set,
what's were going to get is still pretty darn good.  Besides, there's always
a chance that MCA will release a Tommy Live at Leeds CD (for Tommy's 30th
Anniversary, perhaps?).  Just keep filling out the request cards.