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new interesting bottleg

Hey folks -

	Just got back from a quick trip to NYC where I found a new and inter-
esting bootleg CD.  Called "Rough Times" its a 2-CD set of the whole show 
(minus "Can't Explain") from their Detriot 11-30-73 show on the Qudarophenia
tour.  OK - sound qaulity is pretty lousy, and is only marginally improved from
the tape that's been floating on a low level for years.  But it really is one
of the best show's I have ever heard bootlegged from a performance stand-point.
Everyone is very keyed, and all of Quad flows smoothly, with a killer Magic
Bus and Naked Eye at the end.  Worth checking out if you see it - although
don't expect much from sound quality!

	On the legel level - for people interested in checking out new
great guitarists - check out a guy named Chris Duarte.  He released his
first album, called "Texas Sugar/Strat Magic."  He's from the Austin area 
(Alan are you there??) and plays in the Stevie Ray Vaughn style - best
new guitar talent I've heard in years!

Best - Mason