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new interesting bottleg

	    On the legel level - for people interested in checking out new
    great guitarists - check out a guy named Chris Duarte.  He released his
    first album, called "Texas Sugar/Strat Magic."  He's from the Austin area 
    (Alan are you there??) and plays in the Stevie Ray Vaughn style - best
    new guitar talent I've heard in years!

I'm here; I saw Chris open for the Rolling Stones in San Antonio last
month.  I've got to say I didn't pay too much attention; I was in a
wretched seat and he and his band looked like ants, and were apparently
under orders not to run around or use much of the gigantic stage.
However, he was much better than Bryan Adams, who followed him.  I'd
like to see him in a club where (A) I could see his face and (B) he
was the main attraction.