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Pete songs...

I finally am back on the list after being mysteriously booted off-
and I have a few things to babble atcha y'all...

_Was there Life_ is one of my favorite Pete songs ever.  It actually
has made my heart ache a couple of times. (Corny, but true!)  It took
me a while to listen the the "music only" version of _Psychoderelict_.
It's one of those "kinda grows on you" cd's IMO.  But I still like it
for the sheer reason that Pete Townshend wrote the music and lyrics.

I also really like _Scoop_ and _Another Scoop_ a lot.  "Cache cache"
has so much angst in his voice, you can feel the emotion spilling out
of the speaker. _Deep End Live_ is great too.  I like his version of
"Save it for Later"  written by Dave Wakeling of English Beat.

I also have noticed on a couple of Who songs lyrics coming out one
side of the speaker, and music on the other.  I believe this is
totally intentional on many artists recordings.

Bye now

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