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Channel separation

This thread about listening to just the left or right channels is interesting.
Tommy, in particular, has many examples of parts mixed into just one channel
or the other.  If you have a CD version, listening to left or right will tell
you a lot about what makes Who arrangements tick.  In the Overture, for
example, the piano is in the left channel, the electric guitar in the right --
when you hear them separately, you discover a really interesting polyrythmic
interplay which adds to the texture of that track.  Acid Queen is another good
one for left/right listening -- you really get to hear Pete's playing in

As kwinn points out, this style of mixing was really in vogue in the early
days of stereo, but by the early 70's had pretty much stopped.  So on Quad,
there's few examples -- with the notable exceptions of the two-part harmony in
the choruses of Cut My Hair and the bridge in Punk Meets the Godfather.

And in WGFA, if you listen to the left channel after the organ solo (which is
entirely on the right except for the added reverb) you get to hear Moon's solo
in complete isolation -- and even his bass pedal squeaking just before he
starts (isn't CD wonderful?).