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Norman Gunston Interview Transcript

Well here it is.  This is from an audio tape with my recollections from the 
video footage in brackets.

(starts with Norman standing outside the stadium)

NG:  Hi there you funky dudes and foxy chicks, this is Norman Gunston TV Star at 
Charlton Stadium, you know in London, I'm just about to speak to that fabulous 
pop group The Who.

(still outside the stadium... by Keith's limo)

NG: Mr Moon, Norman Gunston, ah from the Norman Gunston Show

KM: Are you Australian? 

NG: Yeah that's right

KM: I don't want anything to do with you Australian faggots! 

NG: Thanks...

KM: Now will you please leave me alone you great poofta!

NG: I knew you'd...

KM: Leave me alone you fag...

NG: I, oh.. well where...

KM: Where's my dressing room?

(switches inside to some sort of a marquee area)

NG: Mr Entwistle I'm Norman Gunston from the Norman Gunston Show Australia 

JE: You must be yeah..

NG: Yes, ha ha, I've just had quick interview with Mr Keith Moon who's the 
drummer with your group

JE: You won't have along one with him yeah.

NG: Yeah, yeah ... I felt like putting him in my pocket and never letting him 
fade away you know

(switches back outside by Keith's limo..)

KM: Hey! 

NG: Huh?

KM: Maybe You need this..

(Keith proceeds to pour champagne over Norman)

NG: No I don't drink, I don't drink...

KM: You Australian slag, piss off!

NG: Ah ah.. how do you stop fame and fortune going to your head Mr Moon?

NG: That was Mr Keith Moon, the fabulous drummer from the top pop group The 
Who....  I think he's been sitting in front of amplifiers too long.