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Crashing by Design -Forwarded

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How do I forward messages, like you guys do, with the > sign next to
previous messages?

The Crashing By Design/ Scratching My Behind message reminded of a
similar situation: Eminence Front.  I have always believed that they
are saying, "Baby Let's Fuck."  SOmetimes it is clearer than others. 
And how could they have left in the horrible mistake at the beginning
of the first chorus--meaning the timing of the "Eminence Front" vocal
is completely off with the lead vocal.  It's a sloppy production
mistake that mars the song.  People believe strang things about
lyrics to Who songs.  I have a friend who insists there were other
lyrics at the end of Won't Get Fooled Again, after "same as the old
boss," but that Daltrey's voice was too burned out from the scream
that he couldn't sing anymore.  p.s. to TOmmy disc guy: my
quadrophenis cd package came with two disc twos in it.  Thus, I
always end up playing the old vinyl, which has somehow held up for 16

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> "Crashing by Design" is one of my favorite songs. I think the Who would
> have done this great too. Pete tries to sing it like Roger would have.
> -Svante
>   Svante Boerjesson<svante@df.lth.se>, Malmoe, Sweden. Phone: (+46) 40 916403  
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I hope you Who-net folks have a sense of humo(u)r. I debated sending 
this, but what the hell...

I have a friend who always refers to _Crashing by Design_ as "Scratching
My Behind". As much as I like the song, I can't listen to it without
hearing the alternate lyrics in my head.  There's PT's angelic tenor (I
stole that phrase from a _Musician_ interview yrs ago) happily singing:
"They're all scratching my behind/You're scratching my behind."