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Crashing by Design

> "Crashing by Design" is one of my favorite songs. I think the Who would
> have done this great too. Pete tries to sing it like Roger would have.
> -Svante
>   Svante Boerjesson<svante@df.lth.se>, Malmoe, Sweden. Phone: (+46) 40 916403  
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I hope you Who-net folks have a sense of humo(u)r. I debated sending 
this, but what the hell...

I have a friend who always refers to _Crashing by Design_ as "Scratching
My Behind". As much as I like the song, I can't listen to it without
hearing the alternate lyrics in my head.  There's PT's angelic tenor (I
stole that phrase from a _Musician_ interview yrs ago) happily singing:
"They're all scratching my behind/You're scratching my behind."