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Pete albums


Just continuing the discussion on "Iron Man" and "Psychoderelict" etc. ...

I really liked IM when it first was released in '89. I think I just hungered for
a new Pete/Who album at the time. Nowadays, I tend to think it's a great 
musical. I think it would do great in the theatre or on Broadway. Actually I
wish Pete made a greater effort to try to do a stage production of IM 
instead of all the work he's doing on Tommy.

I don't, however, think it's such a great album compared to what Pete/Who
has done before. I think many of the songs sound just like demos. They could
need some more work and better production. On the other hand, maybe the
album wasn't intended to be that great, but simply a way to market the staged
musical. It has one of the most discrete album sleeves I've ever seen.

>Another point; I think everybody needs to remember that is based 
>on a children's tale and therefore is not going to have the "edge" that a 
>lot of Pete's stuff has.  But I still don't think that's an excuse for 
>the JLH songs.

>I have always been shocked at
>how Iron man has been utterly ignored by critics, Who fans, and the
>general public.

Yes, I think a lot of people just expected another Pete album like "Empty
Glass" or so. I happen to like the JLH songs. But again, they could use
some better production. I suppose it's not the engineering I'm bothered
with, but rather the instrumentation. There are to many synths in there for
instance. It's the Nina Simone track I don't like. I don't think it suits her
at all.

>What about "Was There Life" ?   This is one of the most beautiful songs
>Townshend has written.

Yes, I love this too. It's too bad it's tucked away as #8 on an album that
clearly isn't Townshend's most successful. It stands up well against songs
like  "Sunrise" or "One Life's Enough". I really didn't discover this until I
was compiling one side of a tape (50 mins) of the best of Townshend's
demos. I had about 4 mins left and had to fill it with something exceptional.
I realized how well "Was There Life" fit in.

>white city - the first side kicks hard, not too crazy about the other side

"Crashing by Design" is one of my favorite songs. I think the Who would
have done this great too. Pete tries to sing it like Roger would have.


PS I don't have the tape here with me, but think it looked something like:

    1. Behind Blue Eyes 
    2. Cookin'
    3. Mary
    4. To Barney Kessell
    5. You Came Back [all Scoop]
    6. Sheraton Gibson
    7. Sleeping Dog [Who Came First]
    8. Going Mobile [non released bootleg track]
    9. Sunrise [The Who Sell Out]
   10. Brooklyn Kids
   11. Never Ask Me
   12. Ask Yourself
   13. The Shout [Another Scoop]
   14. Was there Life [Iron Man]

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