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anybody ever heard of Tom Wright?

This is kind of weird, but my parents, being sometimes-contributors to
art shows etc. got a postcard announcement of the opening of a photo
exhibit called

Who Rocked for Ages
The Photographs of Tom Wright

it opens with a reception Wednesday the 13th at an art gallery on the
campus of the University of Texas and remains on view through the 29th.
I called the place and they told me that Tom Wright was on tour with The
Who for some time (years?), but they (at least, the guy I talked to)
couldn't tell me which years.  He said that the exhibit was nothing but
photos of The Who, and that Tom has recently donated the whole
collection to the University of Texas.  I can only make the wildest of
speculations, mainly concerning quality of conservation care (U.T's is
very good), as to why someplace in the middle of Texas should get a
collection of Who stuff.

The announcement postcard photo is a very nice B & W that looks like it
was taken during the "Cobwebs & Strange sequence in KAAR, of Pete
squatting behind a dynamite "detonator box" with the T plunger; he's
wearing a flattish German military helmet and has his hands on the T-bar
as if ready to push it down to blow up something.   He's wearing white
pants, a sports coat, dark shirt, and an ankh pendant (is this the
outfit from KAAR?); the edge of what could be the "bleedin' box" Keith
comes out of is at one edge of the photo.  The walls in the background
and blank floor space behind Pete could quite plausibly be the
warehouse (?) in which this was filmed.

So, my question is:  does anyone know anything more about Tom Wright?  I
asked whether he'd be at the opening reception but they couldn't tell
me.  If he _is_ at the opening, and they have photos/posters etc. for
sale, and anyone gives a monkey's, I'll be happy to get autographed
stuff for people.