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Tom Wright

Re: Alan McKendree's query about Tom Wright:

Wright didn't ring any bells with me so I checked Dave Marsh's "Before I
Get Old" and found that he was mentioned in several places.  Marsh said
that Wright was Townshend's first friend at Art School.  He was from
Alabama, and was in the photography department at Ealing Art School.  He
had a huge record collection and introduced Pete to American R&B music,
as well as introducing Pete to marijuana.  Marsh said that their friend-
ship lasted almost 20 years.

Wright became a roadie for the Who during the 1967 U.S. tour, supporting
Herman's Hermits, and eventually became their road manager.  He later
became manager of the Detroit Grande Ballroom in Detroit, where the Who
opened their 1969 Tommy tour.

So, I would certainly qualify Tom Wright as an authentic and influential
figure in Pete's and, to a lesser extent, The Who's musical lives.