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Re: Live At Leeds


          "Live At Leeds" is an usual (but excellent)
          unlike most live ell pees,the audience noise
          is recorded very low,so that the music is
          loud and upfront in the mix.
          You can hear band members' voices here and
          there (counts,etc.)particularly during "My
          Generation"),my guess,because the performance,not the
          audience,was recorded so "closely".

          I do detect studio overdubs here and there on
          "Generation",perhaps something was said/added
          during this process.

Well, I don't think they did overdubs as such. But I know they added some echo. I
believe they've done the same thing to the San Francisco show in '71. How does
one add echo? I don't know? But of course it is possible that some additional talk
was unintentionally added suring this process.

I've also wondered if they tried to make the album sound worse than it did just
to fit the bootleg concept?, ie that they added talk and noise etc. 

Well maybe that's a bit far fetched.

- Svante