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Re: BBC Christmas show

Hey, whoah, hello !!! what?

Wait a minute. Wait a minute!!!

RoundBook Publishing Group, in partnership with Pete, is expectingto
have a prototype of the _Tommy_ CD out in June, a consumer-ready version
by August.  $79.95 projected price.

"The spine for this entire construct will be a lengthy interview with
Pete," says Elliott Hoffman, an attorney for Mr. Townshend & the
(Broadway) musical's co-producer Kardana Productions.

o  12/71 BBC Christmas show with The Who

What is this? This is one I've never heard of. I've heard rumours that the Who
were on the radio in '71. But I've also heard that these rumours are false.
Anyway, the "rumour" is that the Who performed at the Paris theatre in London for
a (BBC ?) broadcast. But if it was in December, it must have been very late, since
they were touring the states most of December. They recorded a show in San Fr. on the
12th I believe. Maybe the broadcast, if there ever was a broadcast, was recorded in 
the USA and just simply broadcast in England?

But if if if... IF .... there is another '71 show recorded this would be absolutely
awesome, since I consider '71 being Who's peak year. Could someone in England perhaps
check the radio programs of December '71 on BBC at a newspaper archive or something?

What has this show got to do with TOMMY anyway?

o  1975 Pontiac Silverdome concert "The only time The Who performed
'Tommy' live in its entirety" [this is clearly false unless I'm really
missing something; can anyone make sense of this?]

That's true... I mean that it's false. The Who only did the "hits" from Tommy during
their tours in '75/'76. I haven't heard the entire Pontiac show, but I'm pretty sure of

I don't think the Who ever performed Tommy in its entirety. They always left at least
a couple of songs out.

What is this CD anyway? Is it sort of a box? I think a Tommy box would be nice, but
only because a box would end all this Tommy hysteria. I can't believe that Pete's
still raving about Tommy, after 25 years. But maybe that's it, that this will be the
final Tommy celabration, and we, they, he, Who can get on with other things.

I just hope that they'll celabrate Lifehouse with a box in 1996. Fat chance!

- Svante