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The Globe's media commentator Howard Manley on Cedric Maxwell.  BTW,
imagine what a shutdown defender and post-up scorer like Maxwell would
do for a team like the Celtics? Without exaggeration, probably 12-15
more wins.


Maxwell getting on the ball
By Howard Manly, Globe Staff, 11/3/2000

The last time we checked in with Cedric ''Cornbread'' Maxwell, the
former Celtic was busy mangling the English language on WEEI.

But Maxwell has improved the last two years as the Celtics' color
commentator, pumping his dictionary and lifting heavier words.

Professor Maxwell used one of his new words Wednesday night during the
Celtics' season-opening win over Detroit.


Maxwell said it as the Celtics were forcing the Pistons into a 10-second
violation. He was trying to explain that the Pistons only had four
seconds to get across halfcourt, but the word didn't come out right.

That prompted partner Howard David to ask, ''That was English, right?''

''You see, [the press] came to foo-eshun,'' Maxwell exclaimed.

''You mean, tuition?'' David asked.

''No, that's when you go to school,'' Maxwell explained. ''It came to

Fruition. Close enough.

It's one thing for George W. Bush to proclaim that an issue is ''not
resignating'' among the American public. We expect a little more from
color commentators.

At least Maxwell is funny.

During his pregame analysis, he discussed Pistons forward Jerry
Stackhouse. ''Stackhouse just dropped 44 on the Toronto Raptors,''
Maxwell reported. '' Vince Carter, who is your daddy?''

When the Pistons put Cedric Ceballos in, Maxwell went off. ''Take him
down low,'' he said. ''Take his clothes off and expose him for the
defensive fraud that he is.''

Maxwell did go a little overboard when he claimed the opener was a
''must-win'' for the Celtics.

''It's very, very important for them to get off to a good start,'' he
said. ''The team has been known as being fragile.''

And to think we have at least 81 more games.