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Speaking Ill? Some questions..

>10 April 2004 
>Speaking Ill? 
>A letter awaited me from John's 
>mother Queenie. She was greatly upset by a statement I made in my recent 
>interview with UNCUT magazine which for some reason they chose to amplify as a sub 

Anyone have the statement?

>John, typically in very few words, thanked me lovingly recently for allowing 
>him his dignity back by touring with the Who - the one place he really truly 

Anyone else find this statement odd?
"allowing him his dignity back..."
Were those John's words?

>For a 
>while I was even angry with the Las Vegas hotel chain in which he died! I had 
>to apologise to them too.

Oooo, there's a story there.
Any thoughts on how the hotel chain could have become the focus?
Allowing John to enter with a stripper?

>Sorry Queenie.

Well, I wonder how Queenie is feeling about ORW.
I mean, it talks about the Ho and "sniffing" (if you believe the use of that word is a reference to coke use, as opposed to the literal meaning).  There's anger in them thar words....

Either way, an upsetting diary entry.
Heavy shit.

Kevin in VT

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