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Re: Who popularity peak..

----- Original Message ----- From: "O'Neal, Kevin W."

> It's your question, who are they to make the rules and parameters?

I answered his question.  Each way he phrased it.

> Exactly!
> What, did The Who *lose* fans right after '71?
> Did Quad cause them to lose fans?

I don't think Quad and the tour that followed it was as popular as Tommy and
the tours that followed it.  It's not so much that they *lost* a lot of
fans, but they were slightly less popular.  They continued to get *slightly*
less popular until the period Scott's talking about, then they regained
much, but not all of their popularity from their peak.

I was a fan in 1980, I was less of a fan in 1990, and I'm more of a fan
again now.  I'm still only one fan.  Like I said, looking only at gross
numbers is very narrow minded.  If we're doing that, they may well have had
*more* fans in 1989 than 1982!  Were there really many people who *stopped*
being fans?  Are you deciding a line, below which you are no longer
considered a fan?

> >You & Mark, I see, are both having
> >problems separating the two.
> What, Mark and Jim are inseparable?
> Homo's!

Yes, I'm a raging homosapien.

Jim M