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Japan and Australia dates

A message from JD Miller over at alt.music.who. This
seems to match what I've heard:

Japanese Dates
July 24 (Yokohama International Stadium, Yokohama) &
July 25 (Osaka Dome, Osaka)
This is the "Rock Odyssey 2004 Festival" . Much like
the V98 in the UK, the line-ups swap venues each of
the days. The 24th/25th lineup is: Aerosmith, Josh
Todd, The Who, Paul Weller, Kojo Inaba, Love
Psychedelico, and others. Starts tim eis 11 AM,
tickets are 14,000 yen and go on sale April 24th
http://www.udo.co.jp or phone Udo Artists Inc,

Australian Dates
28 July, 2004 - Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney
31 July, 2004 - Vodafone Arena, Melborne

-Brian in Atlanta
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