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Re: In his own words

> > Let's move on.
> Sorry about the tangent, folks.  Believe it or not I don't intend to 
> come here with the purpose to have a Creation/Darwinism debate. But 
> since I'm the one who brought up the banana example, I'll take the 
> blame. 

Hey!  What about me & *my* big mouth?!  I want to share the blame, too!

> Anyhow, Pete has faced a moral dilemma during this past year.  He even 
> came to the point where he considered killing himself.  He faced judg-
> ment and did a moral inventory of his own being it seems.  For the first 
> time in his life he had to wait for others to decide what his fate would 
> be.  He is clear about his standing before God.  These spiritual things 
> are on the front burner of Pete's life and they fill up the words to his 
> songs.

Well said.  I just can't help worrying about Pete sometimes.  At times
he can seem so......unbalanced.  I know he's been through a lot & will
eventually work his way through this current crisis, but, honestly, some-
times I fear for his sanity.

Makes "dumb 'ole Rog" seem extremely well-grounded, doesn't it?  ;-)

There was a weird thing going on with Rog & Pete in 2003.  It was like 
when the Sun reverses its magnetic poles.  Roger had an outstanding year.
He was on TV quite a bit & continued to carry the Who banner high as 
evidenced by his interview on the TKAA DVD.

Pete, on the other hand, was mired in scandal & was forced to retreat from
the public eye & contemplate many of his beliefs & life strategies.

2002:  Our beloved OX dies.
2003:  Pete is arrested.

Here's hoping that 2004 only provides us with *pleasant* Who surprises.

Happy New Year to all you lovely Who Freaks out there!

You've all done very well!

The fire still burns.


- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism