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Re: In his own words

> Not only does a banana have seems on the peel, it is at the peak of 
> beauty when it's at the peak of ripeness.  One day too soon, it's 
> green and bitter and hard to peel.  A day late, brown spots appear on 
> the peel and it gets mushy and tastes too strong.  When it is bright 
> yellow with no spots, it is very sweet and it's the right texture to 
> enjoy. It is also the easiest to peel at this time.  An unconscious 
> tree didn't make it's own seeds do this for the benefit of other an-
> imals. A third party did this. This single example among millions was 
> clearly designed by Someone that cares not only about our needs, but 
> about our happiness too.

OK, Jon, my good friend, would you like to hear the truth now?  You 
would?  Good.  And please, do me the favor of at least ruminating on what 
I'm about to tell you, instead of immediately scoffing at the ideas be-
cause they don't conform to what you've been "taught."

The banana tree's bananas aren't seeds, Jon.  They are the plants ovaries
which contain the seeds.  Bananas *evolved* only in order to help the 
plant reproduce more efficiently.  No hand of God required.

When humans first encountered the fruit known as the banana (thousands
of years ago) it wasn't the banana we know today.  Bananas back then 
were much larger & almost inedible.

But rare, & completely accidental, mutations produced *some* bananas 
which were seedless, pollen-less, & downright tasty. (This rare mutation
process is known as 'chromosome triplication.')

So,....what did our smart ancient ancestors do?  They focused on these
few, good-tasting, seedless bananas & progressively generated more & more
edible crops via interbreeding.  And after about 10,000 years of this
specialized breeding we reached the point where we are at today.

50% of today's banana crops succumb to disease, pests, & climate varia-
tion because we humans have effectively breeded out all of the plant's 
original natural defenses.

Do you understand now, Jon?  God didn't create an edible banana for hu-
mans.  *Humans* created an edible banana for humans.  Wild, isn't it?  

Are you angry because the person who told you that God created an edible
banana for humans lied to you?  Are you furious that you were deceived 
when the truth is so well known?

Of course you're not.  The truth doesn't conform to your notions about
a parental deity.  Something's gotta go:  either your faith in a deity
who creates plants to benefit humans,......or the truth.  Something's 
gotta go.

So, you discard the truth in favor of the comforting idea of an invisible
man, watching over you, & making sure you get bananas for breakfast.

Me?  I prefer the sweet taste of truth over bitter parables.  I'm not 
afraid to eat from the tree of knowledge.  It's so much more nourishing
than the tree of lies on which you gorge yourself.   
> > I just wish he'd abandon the "spirituality" & "12 Step" crutches.  
> > He can walk on his own.  
> No, he can't.  

You're probably right.  He's much too weak an individual to abandon his
spirituality crutch.  How sad. 

> Scott I know it may sound unprovable, but it is only unprovable until 
> the experiment is undertaken.  

Jon, it *is* unprovable.  What do you want me to do?  Am I supposed to
disregard the multitude of scientific discoveries made over the past 400
years which have laid waste, one by one, to such silly spiritual notions?

Do I say, "OK, most of science is wrong.  Spirituality has to be the true

Or, do I say, "You know what?  Humans are fucked up.  They make up stories
when they're unsure of the truth.  They want to feel parental comfort in
adulthood so they conjure up guiding deities.  They are afraid of death so
they imagine an afterlife in order to relieve some of that anxiety.  They
fear the unknown so they invent parables & "scriptures" which attempt to 
explain what they cannot."

Proven scientific truths,.......or fucked up human notions caused by a 
fear of death & the unknown?  Hmmmm.......  Not really a tough choice when
you think about it, now is it? 

> The truth is, we are weak and we are fragile. 

I agree.  But I long for the day when fantasy & fiction is no longer
needed for human beings to live contentedly on this planet.

> Pete knew this a long time ago.  That's what Quadrophenia was about.  
> Human frailty. 

Yeah, but I see Jimmy as more of a realist.  Rock analogy aside, he never
embraces religion or spirituality.  He cries out for love.  He cries out
to be understood.  He cries out for acceptance.  

It's my hope (interpretation, rather) that Jimmy gets his shit together
on his own, without the aid of lowly crutches.  (I envision a strong, 
free-thinking Jimmy!)

> Personally, I don't stand with my human frailty like some kind of 
> whiner or something, I just admit it so I can get the real help.  

I know, Jon.  I just hate to see you forced to embrace a bunch of lies
in order to get along in society.  I'd hate to see you lobotomized, too.
It's the same thing.

> I can't keep from being angry and bitter.  I can't keep myself from 
> doing many sinful things.  But I'm not naive about it.  I know I can 
> call on the One who never does these things because His power is 
> stronger.  This is very practical and it works without fail.  This is 
> eating the Tree of life.

Like I said, I long for the day when humans don't need religion & spirit-
uality - and all the sexism, racism, & elitism that goes along with it -
in order to exist in happiness & peacefulness on this planet.

Lack of a belief in religion or spirituality isn't akin to lack of morals.
Morals weren't created by religion; they were hijacked by it.  

As soon as people come to the realization that they can exist happily &
mentally stable without resorting to paranormal, spiritual fantasies - 
the better off civilization will be.

> When our life is safe and we don't take risks, it's easy to be right.  
> But then we open up enough to put our heart in another's hands, things 
> get unpredictable.  Is this why you were upset by Pete perhaps?

I'm not upset by it.  More frustrated than anything.  Frustrated that Pete
can't find the strength within himself.  Frustrated that he, like so many
others, has to rely on lies & fantasies just in order to make it through
the day.  It'd be funny if it weren't so damn sad.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism