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Re: In his own words

In a message dated 12/29/2003 12:25:08 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
'He's an artist and an artist with a conscience, 
> someone who worries and frets on our behalf about the state of the world. 
> He's abstract, and often wrong-headed, and, in this instance, he's been 
> a stupid fool. But, no, he's not a paedophile.'

This I really enjoyed.  This is indeed a great summary of him.

>> I shouldn't have associated my real and active ground-based charity 
> work with this mission, this white knight mission, to get this infor-
> mation across to the public that there was some correlation between 
> the child porn industry and the credit-card companies.'

>I agree with this.  I know many of you think it was very admirable of
Pete to try to "slay Goliath," as it were, but I think it was just stupid.

It is stupid to try to slay Goliath by yourself.  This is the lesson that I 
believe God just showed to Pete.  But God is wise.  He has a way of showing us 
that we are indeed weak and fragile.  Until we realize this, we think there is 
no need of any God in our universe because even though He's there, we don't 
*need* Him even though he has been supplying everything we have continually, 
free of charge along with wonderful fragrances, beauty and warmth to make us 
happy.  Not only does a banana have seems on the peel, it is at the peak of 
beauty when it's at the peak of ripeness.  One day too soon, it's green and bitter 
and hard to peel.  A day late, brown spots appear on the peel and it gets 
mushy and tastes too strong.  When it is bright yellow with no spots, it is very 
sweet and it's the right texture to enjoy. It is also the easiest to peel at 
this time.  An unconscious tree didn't make it's own seeds do this for the 
benefit of other animals. A third party did this. This single example among 
millions was clearly designed by Someone that cares not only about our needs, but 
about our happiness too.

>I just wish he'd abandon the "spirituality" & "12 Step" crutches.  He can
walk on his own.  

No, he can't.  To admit that he needs his spirituality shows that he is 
facing reality.  If he were to check with the Lord the minute he pulled out his 
credit card, he would have saved a lot of trouble.  Scott I know it may sound 
unprovable, but it is only unprovable until the experiment is undertaken.  I have 
proved this fact literally hundreds of times and it is always reliable.  To 
pretend oneself is so strong is just asking for trouble.  When something 
devastating that that one can't handle happens, and it probably will, the real 
situation will become very clear.  Two results usually occur: 1) A rock hard heart 
of bitterness  or 2) The inner breaking of a person-making them genuinely open 
and understanding to other's suffering.  I'm thankful that Pete is the second 
case.  We benefit from his experience of openness and also his admission of 

The truth is, we are weak and we are fragile. Pete knew this a long time ago. 
That's what Quadrophenia was about.  Human frailty. Personally, I don't stand 
with my human frailty like some kind of whiner or something, I just admit it 
so I can get the real help.  I can't keep from being angry and bitter.  I 
can't keep myself from doing many sinful things.  But I'm not naive about it.  I 
know I can call on the One who never does these things because His power is 
stronger.  This is very practical and it works without fail.  This is eating the 
Tree of life.

When our life is safe and we don't take risks, it's easy to be right.  But 
when we open up enough to put our heart in another's hands, things get 
unpredictable.  Is this why you were upset by Pete perhaps?

Jon in Mi.