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Who Dream

another Who dream..........I went to bed thinking of Pete, woke up thinking 
of Roger <wink>

I had tickets to the opening day of a new play Roger was doing.  The security 
was tight but I HAD to get his autograph.  I almost gave up before I even 
started trying, but at the last moment, I got into the backstage "green room" 
area.  I roamed around, trying to look like I belonged.  Then I got caught, I was 
getting dragged out by security (again)but this time, someone stopped them 
and told them that Roger would see me.  He picked me out of a big crowd that had 
formed and took my program and wrote for a long time.  He threw it back at 
me.  I didn't get a hug, but I did get a wink.

So, I left triumphantly waiting until I was alone to see what he had written. 
 Although the sharpie he used was almost dead, I could read that he said 
"thanks for believing" and wrote a little about meaning of life.........thanking 
people like me for believing.  He said something about wanting me to have his 
babies too!  Oh wait..........that was a different dream <wink, wink>.

I felt a little empty, because I knew that he really didn't know me, or the 
essence of my loyalty.  But, I reconciled myself to that.  Then I woke up.

Jo :)