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Re: ...what is everyones opinion of WHO's LAST?

> What's the best Kenney Jones era recording you're aware of?  

Gosh, I'd have to say that 1981 Essen, Germany Rockpalast show which
is available on bootlegs (audio & video).  But I choose that more be-
cause it's a strong, powerful show than a really kick-ass recording
(even though it *was* professionally filmed & recorded).

I think the fact that that show was in a smaller venue, not some huge
arena, gives it a better, more intimate sound.

I don't own a CD boot of that show however so I can't recommend a
certain version to look for.  I have the show on video & part of it 
on an old vinyl boot.  (I believe it was 'released' two ways back in
the '80s: a double-record vinyl boot & then also a two record deal
in which the individual records were sold separately - of which I own

Yeah, the Chicago '79 show is another.  I haven't watched that boot
in a while & that's another one I don't have a CD boot of.  Of course,
Pete was blasted out of his mind at that show & plays pretty sloppily.

> You think they'll ever release a full concert from that period?  

Not sure.  Roger is pretty anti-Kenney so he may raise a fuss & nix
any attempt.  Who knows.

> I don't suppose there'd be much demand for The Who Rocks America on 
> DVD.

Probably not much, no, but I'm sure many freaks like us would buy it.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism