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Re: ...what is everyones opinion of WHO's LAST?

----- Original Message ----- From: "Schrade, Scott"

> No, it's the LP.  The mix is pretty bad.  The vocal levels drop down at
> times, John's bass sounds diluted, & Pete's guitar sounds thin.  But a lot
> of that might be the *recording* rather than the mix.

The live tracks from that tour that have been released later have those same
negative qualities, but the recordings sound a lot better.  That makes me
think it would be possible to do a decent remaster of Who's Last.  I'm sure
it's way down on the list of priorities, though.  What's the best Kenney
Jones era recording you're aware of?  You think they'll ever release a full
concert from that period?  I don't suppose there'd be much demand for The
Who Rocks America on DVD.

> Now,....what were we originally talking about?  Alan Alda?

I think it was some sort of evangelical atheism or something.

Jim M