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Re: who's a fan of the who?

> a beatles site is taking names of celebrities who have admitted to being fans 
> of the beatles.   so I figure how bout we name some celebs who admitted at 
> one time or another (or "secretly" shown their fandom) of the who?  
> i'll start:
> clem burke (drummer for blondie who had a bass drum with arrows on it as well 
> as "premier" and in one blondie video, wore a very familiar "bullseye" shirt. 
>  he also trashed his drumkit and shouted into the mic, "that was for keith 
> moon! the best drummer in the world!" at a blondie show following his death)
> the ramones
> the clash
> the sex pistols  (and really, any other british punk band from the 70's and 
> maybe a few american ones)
> kurt cobain
> dennis miller  (gushed when he had roger on his ill-fated talk show and 
> sometimes used who music when he would do the "news" segment on SNL)
> bill o' reilly  (according to some of youse)
> some of the cast of "that 70's show"
> so am I missing anyone? 

Yeah John Cusack!!!