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Re: who DVD idea /TOMMY MSG '89

>by the way, I don't think the who played MSG in 1989. you were probably
>thinking of radio city music hall for that was a charity gig before they
headed to
>giants stadium on the tour.  there are audio boots out there of that show (it
>was a radio broadcast) and I think there's even a cam shot as well!

Yes, and I definitely stand corrected.  It was indeed Radio City, as one of
our fine list-collegues so kindly pointed out to me in private.  And who's
boot (pun intended) I had to lick and will kindly do again if I ever need
another copy of that boot (pun conveniently intended).  She again, has my
thanks.  And a deal is a deal, so...

I am sorry for posting inaccurate recollections as "fact" when contributing to
this message board dedicated to The Who.

There.  A public bootlicking for a boot.

I feel dirty.

Jim in Colorado

I still think your original DVD compilation idea is a great one...