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Best Song - "Won't Get Fooled Again"

I forgot who said it already (sorry) but kudos to whomever basically said that
it was pure, vintage Who.  That if you ever had to pick an all out
representation of The Who in one song, WGFA is the one.  I think I'd have to
agree with that.

Worst Song - "Behind Blue Eyes"

It's a shame that I have to pick this one because it is such a brilliant and
poignant song.  But it was an easy pick for this game.  FM radio has killed it
for me, among other things.  I'd still pick BBE if I had to pick from just ANY
song out in FM Radioland, but I'd pick all of the other songs on Who's Next
before I'd pick this one.

And speaking of good games, I like Kevin's Album of the Month idea too.  But
in good time; busy busy busy...  If one's not careful, these won't end up as
"games" at all, we could hunker down into some really DEEEEP Who discussions
and that would be very cool indeed.  Sell Out it is - fine choice.  Original
or remaster???  Forget it, I'll re-read your post again.  Gettin' lazy.

Jim in Colorado

>Actually, where I grew up in Wuh-stah Mass, we called it tonic, though it
>was in the later 1900's. :)

What did you do with the REAL Paul, you imposter!?!  The Paul I happen to
know, hails from the Wonderful World of Oz and NOT Wuh-stah Mass, Mr. Wise Ass
Tonic Man.  The Paul I know is the Great and Powerful OZ and would never call
a can of pop such a thing!