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Re: Roger's eyepatch

On Tue, 27 Apr 1999, Brian Cady wrote:

> It was also the turning point in Pete and Roger's relationship.  I saw an
> interview with Pete the day of the concert and he was almost slack-jawed in
> astonishment that Roger was going to perform that day.  He was beaming with
> admiration for Roger.  Ever since then he and Roger have gotten along and even
> worked together without hitting.

Wow!  I'd never heard that; what a great anecdote!  It's the kind of thing
that sustains my faith in our boys.  I'm not Roger's biggest fan, but I
appreciate the enthusiasm and work ethic he brings to the Who.  Pete gave
Roger a lot of credit for his creative contributions to the Quad tour.
I'm wondering if anyone knows what input Roger gave.  Just curious,

Bill Watson