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A bunch of stuff

>"Shout and Shimmy" the studio version.  When I first heard it I thought
this may
>be the silliest thing they ever did.  Practically The Who in blackface.


Well put. However, I did like it because I already liked Shout, covered by
many British artists including The Beatles, and it's practically the same

>"Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting"  A Who cover slower than the

Now THAT doesn't surprise me, because before Punk Rock bands frequently
slowed the songs down to make them "heavier." After Punk, it was the other
way around.

>An album of covers!

NO! An album of originals! Siege, as Keets suggests, would be nice. I don't
think they can do it at this point, but who knows?

>I see your point.  Some great songs I've heard in life are just
>ruined by the personal troubles I was having at the time.  I think
>that's why I under-appreciated Queen.


I did like the album BLUE, until that particular incident.

>Has Jeff Lynne (ELO) ever worked with the Who/Pete?  I was listening to
>"New World Record" on Saturday and could hear the Who's influence on
>that album.

I don't know of any time, but considering what he did to the two new Beatles
songs I'd rather he didn't. In fact, given that QUAD was their best album,
Pete should produce everything they do in the future (hoping that they do

>"Who is she?I'll rape it"..."She's a virgin/I'm gonna be the first
>in"...hmmm, when you think about it most of the Who's stuff is written
>solely from a male point of view and I find it hardly surprising that not
>as many girls 'get' their stuff


To be fair about it, QUAD wasn't Pete but Pete-as-Jimmy.

>unfair to say that it takes more than one play to get into most Who stuff

I'd say the best Rock music, in most cases.

>I only got into the Who after the Hyde Park concert

Glad to see they can still attract new British fans.

>I like that one (better than Leeds--sorry Mark).


Look, I love LAL but it's not the end-all and be-all of Rock music, The
Who's music, or even Who live music. It's just one of the four or five best
live Rock albums of all time, that's all.

"Fifi said to Don the Baker/Can you show me how to bake another bun,
Don?/And I'm still sittin' with my next door neighbor saying/Where'd you get
the gun, John?"
                                                      Burton Cummings, The
Guess Who