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Whofest/MyrtleBeach is ON !

Dear Fellow Listers,
                   It is with some satisfaction and much pleasure
that I can now say that The Whofest at MyrtleBeach that some of
us have been talking about is ON.! This will be a weeklong event
from 16th-23rd August 1999. So if you would like to spend some 
time with fellow Who fans this summer even if you can't make it
a full week, you have been served notice.
                    I'd like to say thanks to all who responded to
our feelers that we put out. Whilst the response was not over-
whelming, it's good to know that there are enough of You out there
that will make this possible. In fact most people seemed to agree
that they would prefer a smaller type of meeting rather than the
Who conventions of the past. So you can expect things to be fairly
laid back,spontaneous and holiday llike ! There will be more info
posted on the list from time to time as we get nearer the date
and as we work out more details. Hotel/motel/travel info will be
posted shortly. In addition, anyone wnting a Free copy of a travel
book issued by the Myrtlebeach Chamber of commerce can have one
by calling:1-800-356-3016 or visit their website at:
                   If you'd like to put forward any ideas towards
the Whofest,please feel free to contact Mark Leaman or your truly,
any ideas,innovations,etc,,would be most welcome. So if you feel
like talking Who this summer you have at least one place to meet
up with some fellow Whofans. Naturally, there will be visits to
the nearby Baba Center, and there will probably be opportunities
to buy/sell/trade memorabilia. Most importantly, it's FREE to all.
Everyone is Welcome.


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