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Joanie loves Chachi...uh, I mean Pete

> Joni to me is cut from the same cloth as Pete.


I don't know about THAT, now. I feel El Pete is rather unique.

> She can be a dark,
> pragmatist and speak freely about some pretty personal things.  The moody
> sensitive 
> side of me really digs this type of introspection and pureness.

Fair enough.

> Many of
> Pete's songs are like this.

I agree with you here. The main difference, for me, is that her songs are
less universal than Pete's. I find he tends to write in what I would call
an "epic" manner, unlike fellow British songwriter Ray Davies...who writes
about the details of life. In other words, I would say that Davies was
closer to Mitchell as a songwriter.

> I can tolerate so much of The Who and Pete because of it's variety. 
There is
> something for every mood.  

Very true.

> Well this has gone a long way from defending Joni, but I invite you to
> to the songs on here 'Hits' CD.  You must have in there.

Not at the moment, but I have had it. The problem for me is personal,
because I met this girl and after a night together she kept singing "Help
me I think I'm falling in love again..."

You see my point?

And I keep thinking of what Flo and Eddie said: "It's a fine line between
Joni and Yoko."

And no, I'm not trying to start another Yoko discussion.

            Cheers                           ML

No. 322 in my series of stupid Rock lyrics:

"When I found you girl, you were so down/A black cat in disguise..."
                 Kip Winger