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Re-Who's a Who. More.

Hi All, Now that's very interesting, that Pridden used to sing back
up on 'Magic Bus'. This really is NEW news ! I'd never heard  or read
of this before. Since we're on this subject, Bill Harrison another
long time Who roadie used to bang the gongs at certain critical times
such as when the music came to a crashing cresendo on 'Amazing Journey
 and 'Sparks".  I do remember seeing Bob play the tapes for 'Baba O'
Reilly' and 'Won't get fooled again' but mostly I liked how He would
"Go Crazy' behind His Monitors. Every time ! The Ultimate Who Freak !
Bob was on the back cover of Odds and Sods wearing a football helmet
with the name PLUG on it,accompanied by four not so complimentary
remarks (intended as a joke) from each member of The Who. Only Pete
did not sign His Properly.
            Regards, Derick.

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