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John's Fan Foto gallery

Dear friends,

I'm developing a gallery for fans to post their own favorite photos that
relate to John's Web page.  It's not up yet, but if you'd like to send in
photos early, please attach them to e-mail sent to theox@eden.com.  JPGs or
GIFs please, and the smaller file size the better, for faster download

Necessary mumbo-jumbo:  Submissions may not be individually acknowledged.
Submitter's names will appear on the Web site unless they request
otherwise.  Bitsa Talent, the John Entwistle Band, its members and
associates are not responsible for photos once they're submitted.  By
submitting photos the submitters relinquish any copyright claims.
Submitting a photo does not guarantee the photo will be published on the
Web site.

OK.  Now that that's out of the way...have fun!


Be sure to read _McKendree: A Burning Novel of Murder and Revenge_
by Douglas Hirt, ISBN 0-8439-4184-7  (available at www.amazon.com)