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John's clothes at Woodstock

Dear friends,

This e-mail was sent to John's Web site.  Anyone have pointers to
applicable Woodstock photos?  If you can help Julie, please e-mail her or

>My name is Julie A. Neises, and I have been a contributing writer and artist
>for BARBIE BAZAAR magazine for ten years.  I specialize in customizing dolls
>and creating costumes and backdrops for photographic dioramas that appear in
>the magazine. (I have depicted in the pages of BARBIE BAZAAR historical
>figures, movie actors and some of my favorite rock and roll stars.) In recent
>years, my work has also been displayed at national Barbie Doll conventions
>I am currently at work on a display of THE WHO AT WOODSTOCK for the national
>Barbie convention in Pittsburgh, PA (USA).  As I am striving for complete
>accuracy, I am a little bit stuck on the stage costume that John was wearing
>that famous night in 1969.  I have found it impossible to find a photograph
>of the BACK of that outfit, and I don't want to resort to making a guess.  I
>would appreciate it very much if you could direct me to a photograph that
>would help me or to someone who could DESCRIBE it to me.
>Thank you very much.  I feel that I must add that I receive no compensation
>for the dolls that I create for the convention.  This strictly a labor of
>love, and I hope that you do not mind that I express my love of John's
>music by
>rendering him in doll form.
>Julie A. Neises
>e-mail:  JAFNICE@aol.com