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A Bit More On Defining A Who

I'm not proud...or tired:)

>Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 14:01:00 PDT
>From: "Derick Bhupsingh" <circles01@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Re- Who's a Who
>Hi All, Beau's question about who we can call a Who member does raise
>a few issues. As far as I'm concerned The Who ended with the death of
>Keith. This will probably raise a few more but what if's but this is
>MHO. What followed was TED with Kenney Jones and Rabbit and as we all 
>know did not really last too long. Now mind you, TED on their own or
>with almost anyone is a very mighty force in Rock n' roll and is hard
>to beat. In whatever fashion or size, TED with or without the rest 
>are still the best. This I am convinced of. The years and years of
>experience,the hundreds and hundreds of shows and the profesionalism
>and confidence of TED is unequalled. If you really were to list the
>number of people that have played live with TED since 1979 onwards it
>would begin to look a little silly. After all Pete said on more than
>one occasion and it's on video: "WE have the unmitted gall to call
>it or this The Who " !(25th anniversary tour finale in california)
>I never saw Daltrey oe Entwistle object to that statement or say
>anything afterwards. As for Bob Pridden, well., no. Bob is probably
>the longest serving Who associate/Roadie/Sound Man etc... However, I
>fail to see any main reason why He should be included as a member of
>The Who.He has been a major player over the years,yes that's true,
>but that does'nt qualify Him as a band member.Bob's contribution to
>The Who should not go unrecognised perhaps,but what exactly did you
>have in mind Beau ? I  await the probable barrage of  those in
>disagreement. ! Regards,
>                          Derick.

I don't know how '*exact* my question is.  I think cloaked behind the
question of 'who is a Who' is a request for information on how different
people substantiate membership, like the way you've provided here.
That too, I didn't want to miss knowing of an *official* gauge by
which to know who was *in* The Who.

Without an *exact* compass to guide me, my own suppositions would be
much like yours.  Strictly from an emotional and personal value, 
in my heart of hearts The Who were TED with Keith.  Kenny, although
personally admired and respected for his contributions to The Who
was nothing more than a bandage on the open and painful wound of
Keith's death.  And Rabbit, I view as a talented musician and alcoholic,
a commonality he shared with Pete and which due to that commonality
found himself playing with the band.

As far a Bob Pridden is concerned, I would first start by standing up
and giving him applause.  However one of my personal requirements of
being a Who member is being a musician.  An established definition of
a musician is one who conducts, performs or writes music.  Even though
Bob has contributed greatly to the *sound* of the group I don't think
the music community widely recognizes a sound technician's equipment as
strictly being an instrument.

I'm still interested in tempering my viewpoint if anyone has more to

Beau (on the hole he plummets towards the abyss) McCrury