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Re: Lifehouse article

Yes, I bought the issue.  Let's see how accurate it really is.


>In reply to to the question about the Lifehouse article in the May 99 issue
>of guitar player mag.  Yes it is in there on page 28. TOP LEFT hand corner
>under title:
>News and Notes-
>Old age and deafness did'nt stop Beethoven from composing, and they won't
>Pete Townshend.  The Who guitarist has announced he is finally
>legendary Lifehouse opera originally begun in 1969 as a follow-up to the
>Who's rock-opera Tommy.  Townshend abandoned Lifehouse in 1971 adn much of
>the material turned up on the groups 1971 album, Who's Next.  The
>guitarist(continued top left page 30) has reportedly engaged in talks
>withfellow Who members Roger Daltrey and John Entwistle to stage the new
>opera. Lifehouse is set to debut on record on December 6.
>    End of Article  Thats it Verbatim!
>I got a couple of negative letters from people on this mailing list when I
>posted the breif version of this article I hope this clears things up.  I
>merely reporting what i read.