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A day at the Garden Photo's

Hi All, I too are a little amused over this person's post of having
so called 'rare' photos of Pete  at last years Woodstock gig.
First,I was there too and almost in the front row,I took maybe 8 rolls
of film and shot them with a very good camera on a tripod. I've never
seen so many people with still cameras,video cameras and film cameras
before,there must have been hundreds! This is not including all the
press and electronic media that were there ! So unless Pete had 
privately and exclusively let this person Photograph Him in His Own
dressing room or hotel or something to do with the gig, these pics
can hardly be deemed 'rare'.
                           Rare to me is probably  anything pre-Tommy
as that is when most people probably started collcting Who memorabilia
and the like. Certainly not something that happened last year ! Also
A day in the garden has apparently been released in England on Video
or DvD or both,further negating any possible claim to rare pics/video
of Pete at the event.  (Now,I do have some video of The Who at West
Palm Beach, Quad Tour Finale,shot by yours truly..... Ha Ha!
Regards, Derick.

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