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Re: missed interview

It was a re-run of the fall interview when RD was promoting "A 
Christmas Carol."  He didn't sing, they reviewed a few old Who myths 
(banned from Holiday Inn, car in swimming pool), and talked about the 
show, which was more entertaining.  Conan isn't an especially 
interesting interviewer, but he did bump another guest to give Rog 
(and Tom Hanks) extra time.

Interestingly, someone reported that the show was taped between 
performances of "A Christmas Carol" and RD's limo didn't show up, so 
he rode back to the theater with a fan who was there seeking an 
autograph.  (Bet secuity loved that.)


>From: "V. Jones" <lee206@yahoo.com>
>To: The Who Mailing List <TheWho@igtc.com>
>Subject: missed interview
>Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 21:29:24 -0700 (PDT)
>I totally missed the Roger interview on Conan last week.  I've been
>away from the list for a while as well, so if anybody can fill me in
>on what they talked about, or if he sang, it would be much 
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