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Re- Live Aid

Hi Everybody, As far as I can remember, Live Aid was not on general
release as a video rental or was it  ever for sale. You would have 
had to tape it on your VCR on the day. I did. Unfortunately it's on 
the old Beta format. I owned a sony betamax before switching to VHS
a few years later. I no longer have a beta machine though ! I'd be 
happy to make a dub from Beta to VHS if I could locate a machine and
send it to whoever wants it,but am not sure where I could find a good
working machine. Incidentally, The Who only played a 20 minute set
and some of it was blacked out by the loss of the satellite feed
because They were using too much power by playing too loud. (Or some-
thing like that !) Twas a great day though,one I will never forget.

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