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The favorites list marches on...

For whatever it's worth...

Other than the large space The Who occupies in my cd collection, I also have cushy spots for the Beatles, Springsteen, Clash (London Calling is on my top 5 album list), pre-92 U2, and a newer band some might have heard of called Superchunk.  


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                              -- Pete Townshend

On Mon, 5 Apr 99 20:17:55 -0   pigpen wrote:
>well nathan here is my 2 cents on other acts i like...
>     as you can see from my moniker i'm an ole' time deadhead so i guess 
>i was into the dead for a few years, ya know a couple of hundred shows 
>     in all honesty however some of my best weekends started with a 
>friday nite dead show and a sunday nite who show.....awsome memories of 
>that....but if the dead and the who were playing the same nite close 
>together i would go see the who no questions asked...
>i also have a deep fondness for yes and king crimson.   jethro tull was 
>always fun and santana rocked a few of my evenings as well.  lately the 
>allmans' have been interesting and blues traveler will probably be the 
>next long time sustained band phish not withstanding (they are ok but the 
>crowd they draw is terrible and remember i'm a deadhead i know sleaze 
>when i see it)  crosby stills and nash are fun on a good nite when 
>stephen is into it and i really got off on seeing the talking heads.  
>i've seen hot tuna too many times and jorma more often than that.  
>genesis was great in the late 70's and early 80's but the police really 
>kicked ass in concert before they went comercial * here is a hint - see 
>sting now  because he is getting back to the early days of the police 
>with the pace of his shows....remember he is the bellboy!!!!!
>rush was cool in 79 and 80 but they lost me when the crowd started 
>getting more into the light show than the music.   i reccomend seeing the 
>neville brothers when ever possible and if david gilmour plays by himself 
>again that is a great treat, much better than floyd....more jamming.  
>ratdog is becomming a great band and i would give a testicle to see bobby 
>and the midnites one more time lol.... the clash were great and when the 
>opened for the who i was blown away BAD is just as good.  the sex pistols 
>had a great album and pil was even better, i hope lydon can keep off the 
>needle just for a little while...  searching my memory banks (what ever 
>is left) i remember a few good shows by the b52's and even springsteen.  
>utopia was a great escape as was dylan and petty.
>but none can ever compare to a who concert  (even these big band 
>reghallas of the last 10 years)
>on an average nite for the who the creschendo after creschendo is not 
>matched by anyone (remember i love jerry) and the spontineity  is 
>awsome........ on a good nite   WOW 
>listen to it all
>they do !

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